Sustainability is about our children, our grandchildren, and the world we choose to leave them. A dream world filled with fresh air, clean oceans, and a joyful life for all species. This is at the heart of why happySlumber exists.

We believe there is no one “right answer” with regards to sustainability. Rather, we believe it is a concerted effort on multiple fronts required by all of us.

Products Designed For Life
We design our products to be loved forever. To go beyond expected utility and be cherished for years to come. We believe when you become emotionally attached to a quality item, you take care of it, keep it for a long time, and keep it out of the landfill.

Production Methods
We embrace modern technology but reject mass production as the automatic best solution for our customers. Most of our products are made to order – with final production starting only after our customer’s purchase. This prevents overproduction, limits manufacturing waste, and helps create a truly special item.

We continue to work with a variety of source materials because each one has a role to play in society’s overall sustainability efforts. Our clothing fabrics have achieved a Standard 100 OEKO–TEX Certification – certifying them to be free of environmentally harmful chemicals. Recycled and organic textiles are used when possible due to their immediate relief on the environment. Polyester is used due to its durable long life qualities and its potential to be recycled into new products – creating a closed eco loop. 

Equity and Fair Labor
happySlumber, along with our manufacturing partners are committed to following all fair labor laws and treating workers in an equitable and fair manner.

All products ship in recycled packaging. Many products are specifically produced at locations near our international customers – further reducing fuel consumption and CO2 generated from long shipping distances.

No “Purchase to Return” Bracketing
Customers are not allowed to bracket purchases (order multiple sizes or multiple colors of the same design) and still be eligible for a refund on their garments. This "purchase to return" practice is at odds with our company values as it contributes to increased fuel consumption, CO2 production, and landfill waste, as well as increasing costs for innocent customers in the future.

We understand not everyone will be happy with this policy, but we trust that our customers will respect the greater good we are all trying to achieve.

0% Return Goal
Our dream goal is to have 0% customer returns. We ask that you join us in this goal. Because currently, five billion pounds of returned products end up in U.S. landfills each year and contribute to an extra 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Together, we can change that.

For our part, we are committed to providing you with unique items of the highest quality with exceptional designs. And our website provides more product details, better sizing guides, and larger photos to help you make an informed and lasting purchase decision.

Every happySlumber item is inspected by hand before shipping, and is guaranteed to be as designed, as advertised and the specific product variant you ordered.


While we are proud of the above actions and feel they are a good start, we will continue to push ourselves, our customers, and our competitors to improve all of our efforts to build a sustainable and happy world for today and tomorrow.