Sleepwear made to order. Just for you.

Unlike mass produced sleepwear, we carry no inventory. We offer no “off the rack” items. Final production on all happySlumber sleepwear begins only after your purchase. Each item is uniquely produced for each customer.

Cut and sew sleepwear

Your fabric will be color dyed, cut to pattern, and then sewn by hand just for you. As each item is produced only one at a time after your order, no two items will be exactly the same, giving you a truly unique garment.

To accomplish this, we collaborate with high quality, small textile studios from around the globe, with a majority of final production taking place in North America.

While our production capacity is limited, our artisans are usually able to complete production and deliver your items for free within 7-14 business days. 

Also, our “made to order” approach is Mother Nature friendly. It helps limit manufacturing waste, virtually eliminates overproduction, and is a key part of our sustainability initiative.

Additional made to order items
Due to sustainability advantages, we apply our "made to order" production method on many other products as well, including our silk robes, silk pillowcases, as well as our sleep journals, among others.