Frequently Asked Questions


Is shipping really free?
Yes! It’s our way of thanking you in advance for helping make Mother Nature’s dreams come true. For more details on shipping, please see our Shipping Policy.

How long does shipping take?
For improved sustainability, final production on most items takes place only after your purchase. This takes between 4–10 days. We then use USPS standard shipping, which takes about an additional 3–4 days. This results in our estimated 7–14 business days for total delivery time within the USA.

Can you rush ship my product to me?
We understand your desire to receive your happySlumber item as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to our sustainable manufacturing process, items cannot be rushed faster than our estimated 7–14 business days for delivery.

Do you ship to countries outside the USA? 
We ship globally. However, international customers will incur a flat $9 shipping fee and will be responsible for customs and import duties. International deliveries are estimated at 10–21 business days.

Can I track my shipping status?
Yes. Once your item(s) have shipped you will receive a confirmation email where you will find the tracking number for your shipment, which can be used to track your package at the carrier's website. You will also receive an email confirmation once your order has been delivered.



What form of payment do you take?
We take major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Can I cancel my order before shipment?
Unfortunately orders cannot be cancelled after purchase. But you may refer to our 30 Day Return Policy after your product is received.

What is your return policy?
If unhappy, items may be returned within 30 days. See our 30 Day Return Policy for more details. Restrictions apply. 

But please remember, returns are bad for the environment, with over five billion pounds of returned goods ending up in U.S. landfills each year. Our goal is to have 0% returns due to this global issue. So we encourage all customers to use our photos, size guides, and read the descriptive text to make an informed and lasting purchase decision. 



Are your products sustainable?
A happy Mother Nature is at the heart of why we exist. So we are committed to making our products as sustainable as we possibly can at this time. 

    • Our sleepwear products are made to order only when purchased, reducing material waste and overproduction. Most of our other items are made to order as well.
    • We use environmentally friendly inks and dyes.
    • Our packaging is made from recycled materials.
    • Our clothing fabrics have achieved a Standard 100 OEKO–TEX Certification – certifying them to be free of environmentally harmful chemicals.
    • Our polyester textiles are durable and engineered for extra long life compared to other fabrics. 
    • Many of our other fabrics are either organic or contain recycled materials.
    • Many of our international customers receive items produced near them, reducing fuel consumption and transportation induced CO2.
    • Our dream goal of 0% customer returns is becoming a reality with improved customer order information and internal quality measures.
    • Our suppliers subscribe to fair labor practice and source raw materials as efficiently as possible.
Please refer to our Sustainability page for more information.

      Where are your products made?
      We are a small boutique headquartered outside of Richmond, Virginia USA. We collaborate with small textile studios from around the world. Final production for a majority of our products is located in North America. Materials are sourced both domestically and internationally.

        Are your products available at Neiman Marcus or Saks?
        Official happySlumber branded products are not available for sell at other retailers at this time. Our "made to order" production methods are not conducive to traditional retail thinking. We currently only sell directly to our loyal customers exclusively at



        How are your donations calculated?
        We donate 50% of our net profits to charities, so you can sleep better knowing every purchase you make helps Mother Nature’s dreams come true too. We partner with ShoppingGives to facilitate distribution of funds.

        To accomplish our goal, we donate $3 for every purchase at the time of sale. If needed, we will make additional donations at the end of the year to equal 50% of our net profits. 

        Do you have a retail boutique near me?
        The nearest happySlumber boutique is on your phone ;-)  We currently sell exclusively online.

        How can I leave a review?
        We love to hear from our customers! To leave a review, please use our Contact happySlumber form. Please include photos of you enjoying your product if applicable. (Only include photos you grant us the right to share with the world.)

        What are the benefits of subscribing to happySlumber emails?
        Our subscribers enjoy exclusive low introductory prices on new designs before they are available to the general public at their official retail price. In addition, we regularly offer helpful hints on how you can experience the true joy of sleep. 

        You can subscribe at the bottom of each page to take advantage of these exclusive offers too.


        More questions?

        Feel free to ask us anything you like. Just use our Contact happySlumber form and we will get an answer back to you as soon as we can.